what's it to you? (holy_cats) wrote in desktopwp,
what's it to you?


hey guys, I've just joined, and I'm not even sure if this community is still active, but I'm kind of desperate!

I've been looking for a wallpaper for my desktop for the longest time with no luck, so I wondered if anybody could help me out by making me one? (or know where I can get one)My entire desktop is done in pinks and oranges, if that helps.
It's pretty simple - I just want something really girly and cute, like a big orange/hot pink hibiscus flower, kinda with a tropical hawaiian feel to it... the only thing is, I don't want it to be an actual photograph... I want it to be cartoony, sort of, and cute. Or a cute little hula girl or something. Wow maybe that's asking too much. Whatever anyone can do, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

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