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Hello everyone!
My name is Meg.
I'm fairly new to sharing my graphics so I joined to see all of yours and share what I do.
I thought I would start out by saying that I've never had any formal designing classes....
I'm self taught, so they aren't as good as most i've seen.
Credit would be really appreciated if you want to take them, because I worked REALLY hard on most of these.
Otherwise, I hope you like them!

Hey, it's not a bad idea! lol

This was a gift for my friend Summer, that's her picture that I used.

Anna Varney of Sopor Aeternus.

Pete Burns!

Lyrics from "Elegy" by Leaves' Eyes - Various internet graphics.

Criss Angel inspired.

Carl McCoy of Fields of Nephilim - Lyrics from "Darkcell"

Nick Cave - Lyrics from "Long Black Veil"

Fernando Ribeiro (of Moonspell) inspired wallpaper - Lyrics from "Wolfshade"

Fetus De Milo (as Vampira) inspired wallpaper - Lyrics from "Dark Delight" by Sopor Aeternus.

Alucard (of Castlevania) inspired wallpaper - quote by Edmund Burke

Fiona Apple inspired wallpaper - Lyrics from "Shadowboxer"

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